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Training is one thing. However, being personally taught, certified  and mentored at the highest international standard by the Graduate School of Master Coaches faculty will guarantee your success." -HR Monthly

A better, faster way to learn...
The Graduate Business Coaching School delivers the industry's highest rated organizational / executive / business coach certification course.

Accelerated Learning: 
Rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach -you learn on your terms, with a select handful of your peers, acquiring your required executive and business coaching skills and tools via deep immersion role-plays and relevant 'hands-on' case-studies. This fast-tracked, customized approach to fit your specific business coaching needs means you can quickly and confidently get on with building a successful internal or external coaching career.

" The international Graduate School of Master Coaches consistently rates
  rates as the leading executive and business coaching school by far..."
   ICAA -Centre for International Education, Annual Report. 2010

What makes certification by our Institute different - is:  
a) the behavioral coaching model, pioneered over the last decade by the Institute's founders (Zeus & Skiffington), is also taught individually to each course participant enabling them to practice coaching at the highest possible level and, 
b) there are NO classes or large groups only a ONE-to-ONE, in-person learning dialogue between the Institute's expert faculty members and the participant.     

Find distinction by being personally trained and credentialed by a one of the world's leading organizational / business coaching authorities. The Institute's 'world-best standard' Master Coach Course is strictly designed for accomplished professionals who are seeking to be at the top of their coaching profession.

Dr Skiffington (the Institute's Founding Director of Education) is a respected expert on executive and business coaching, best selling author on the subject, educator and guest university lecturer. Dr. Skiffington is also a pioneer and acknowledged global leader in the development of business coaching methodology, tools and techniques. 
Business Coaching Resources 
Zeus and Skiffington's introductory level business coaching books are standard texts in university (MBA degree) courses around the world.

Today, Institute attracts top professionals engaged in people and organizational development from all around the world. Our corporate clients include a diverse range of some of the world's major companies, Government Departments and other discerning organizations. 

** Business Coaching & Executive Coaching Resources / Courses conducted in:  Asia, UK / Europe and the USA


 Some Quick Facts:-
Suitable for:
-professionals looking
 to establish a successful
 executive, leadership or
 business coaching practice
 or an internal coaching
 program eg; an external
 coach or internal coach,
 a consultancy group or HR
 department etc..)

Alumni and Clients
 over 1,500 elite
graduates in over 50
 countries and 100's of the
 worlds top companies


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   "Let him who would move the world first move himself."   -Socrates 

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