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Developing a Coaching Philosophy 
- for the Executive / Business Coach

What Do We Mean by Coaching Philosophy ?

We use the term philosophy in its broadest, popular sense, that is, it refers to a coach's attitude toward life. This of course can include her or his metaphysical stance, ethics, aesthetics and systematized principles. Coaching, after all, is an interpersonal phenomenon and the interpersonal exchange is partly a function of the coach's value systems and beliefs.
"Developing a Coaching Philosophy: Development and Implementation & Style"
Business and Executive Coaches should understand:
- A coach's philosophy impacts many other people
- The importance of developing a sound coaching philosophy
- The need for their own personal and professional self-awareness for developing a sound coaching philosophy
- The need to clearly identify and clarify their coaching objectives when developing a sound coaching philosophy
- Coaching philosophies need to be evaluated and modified over time.
Personal Philosophy and Practical Ethics:
A coach's personal philosophy reflects their moral standards and integrity. Your personal philosophy directly effects your perception of reality, how you make decisions, how you behave and how you accept the consequences of your actions. Personal philosophies are abstract whereas practical ethics are easier to specify. A practical code of ethics for a coach can include: maintaining confidentiality, upholding applicable professional standards, providing services that you are only competent in, only claiming qualifications and experience you really possess etc 
Identifying Your Business / Executive Coaching Philosophy:
Your coaching philosophy is simply the way you see situations and experiences and the value you give them. There are many factors that may define your philosophy. It is important that a coach is conscious of their world view and how it informs their coaching practice. These aspects of ourself will influence our coaching practice in such ways as:
- the model or style of coaching we employ
- our coaching objectives to facilitating personal and professional growth and financial gain
- the clients we choose
- how we position accountability
- how we view the process of personal change
A coach needs to develop a coaching philosophy and style that will assist their clients achieve their developmental and learning goals. As a coach you bring your thoughts and ideas from each facet of your life in developing your coaching philosophy. As you develop your coaching philosophy, ask yourself these questions:

- Why am I coaching?
- What am I trying to achieve for myself?
- What is my motivation for coaching?
- What do I want to achieve with my clients?
- What kind of coach do I want to be?
There are a number of people who are directly or indirectly involved in the coaching process and all may have a different philosophy towards the process. Your success as a workplace coach is not only dependent upon your own coaching philosophy, but your awareness to the attitude of those others involved around you.

A business / executive coach with an appropriate personal philosophy, suitable specialist training in the use of a range of behavioral based coaching models and best practices, quality mentoring and support can help clients achieve their goals. A lack of these important coaching qualities may cause a client to suffer confusion and even damage. In the world's top-rated business / executive coaching course (ICAA Survey 2020) developing your coaching philosophy is an integral part of an accredited coach training program. See: -Behavioral Coaching Institute's award-winning, invitational, fast-tracked, Certified Master Coach and Diploma coach training courses.

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 Contents: Coaching Philosophy, business coaching course, coaching philosophy, organizational coaching philosophy, coaching credentials, executive coaching philosophy, psychology, business coaching philosophy, coaching tools and techniques, corporate coaching philosophy, business coach, coaching style, coaching philosophy, personal coaching philosophy, coaching values, practice coaching philosophy, coaching philosophy